Customer Protection Plan

Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of frequently asked insurance questions that you might find helpful.

How do I file a claim?

Reporting a claim can be done here on this web site by filling out the online claim form.

What can I expect once I file a claim?
  • Your claim will be assigned to an adjuster.
  • You’ll receive a Claims Acknowledgement Letter with contact information for the assigned adjuster via email if an email address was provided, otherwise it will be mailed to the address that is on file. The assigned adjuster will call you within five business days of claim submission.
  • The adjuster will provide a Contents Inventory Worksheet for you to complete and return. This will be provided by either email or regular mail depending on your preference.
  • The adjuster may request additional information including but not limited to; police reports, fire reports, incident reports, photos, etc. These can be returned by either email or regular mail depending on your preference.
  • After the claim investigation has been completed, the adjuster will call to discuss the outcome. Formal letters will be sent to further explain any settlements and/or coverage issues.
How do I find the status of my claim?

You can find the status of your claim by visiting the Claim Status page or call or email your assigned claims adjuster with the contact information that was provided in the acknowledgement letter you received.

ESIS hours of business are Monday through Friday, 8:00AM to 5:00PM Central Time.

Other methods for reporting a claims

Phone: 877-326-3824


            ESIS, Inc.
            ATTN: CPP Claim Team
            P. O. Box 6802
            Scranton, PA 18505

Is this really Insurance?

Yes. This is an Insurance Policy underwritten by Occidental Fire & Casualty Company of North Carolina. Claims are administrated by ESIS, Inc. (A Chubb Company).

Why do I need insurance on my property in storage?

Your lease requires you to insure your property while stored.  The Customer Protection Plan policy provides economical coverages for your stored belongings. Purchasing the Customer Protection Plan alleviates concerns regarding potential losses associated with unanticipated incidents of loss.

What does the Customer Protection Plan cover?

Covered property includes belongings stored within a self-storage unit being rented per a valid rental agreement. Covered causes of loss include but are not limited to burglary, water damage, vandalism, fire or lightning and coverage for damage from rodents or insects (coverage is voided if food is stored in the unit).

My homeowner’s insurance covers my property while in a mobile storage container or self-storage unit, doesn’t it?

Homeowner’s Insurance may or may not cover your stored property. Consult your homeowner’s policy or contact your insurance agent to determine if it’s in your best interest to use it. In some cases, extra coverages or a rider may need to be added on to your homeowner’s policy to insure contents coverage for your stored property. Homeowner’s policies commonly have high deductibles (typically between $1,000 to $3,000) and extensive surcharge periods (typically 3 years) which can deter you from filing claims.

What property types are eligible for coverage?

Most personal, business, and commercial goods stored are eligible for coverage.*

* These descriptions of coverage are for informational purposes. The policy itself should be read for coverages, terms, conditions and exclusions.

What property types are not covered?

Excluded property includes but are not limited to:  Accounts, bills, currency, deeds, evidence of debt, evidence of ownership, contracts and titles, securities, negotiable instruments, money, lottery tickets, notes, animals, jewelry, watches, precious or semi-precious stones, furs, or garments trimmed with fur, breakage of glass or similar fragile articles, illegal drugs, food, alcohol and explosives. Please refer to the policy for full terms, conditions, and exclusions.

Is there a difference between burglary and theft?

Theft occurs when someone takes property not belonging to them. Burglary occurs when someone takes property not belonging to them by forced entry; by way of example, cutting a lock or breaking a hasp. The policy only covers burglary.

Is flood or flooding covered?

Yes, the policy covers Flood, surface water, waves, overflow of any body of water, all whether driven by wind or not.

What are the maximum coverage amounts offered?

The maximum Program contents coverage amount offered is $10,000.

When does my coverage start?

Coverage under the Customer Protection Plan is a month to month, pay-with-rent program. Coverage renews every month upon payment of rent and the monthly premium fee. Coverage stops when rent and/or your premium fee is not paid.

Will I receive a Certificate of insurance or policy information?

Yes. You will receive a Certificate of Insurance as part of your lease document. Attached is a sample of the certificate of insurance.

Cost And Enrollment
Does the Customer Protection plan have a deductible?


How much does it cost for coverage?

Cost depends on the limit of coverage purchased. Please contact your site representative or call 888-STORAGE for additional information.

How can I enroll or amend my policy during my tenancy?

Contact your site representative or call 888-STORAGE.

How do I sign up?

Contact your site representative or call 888-STORAGE.

Program Information
Program Information

About the Program

The Customer Protection Plan provides protection for your belongings while in storage. Purchasing this insurance coverage alleviates concerns regarding potential losses from unexpected occurrences.

Customer Protection Plan Program

Coverage Period:

Your coverage is month-to-month as long as your payment is current

Coverage Amounts:  

$2,000 to $10,000


Monthly Program Payments:

Varies based on coverage selected

Coverage Effective Date:

Coverage will begin upon your enrollment and processing of your first payment


Premium payments are invoiced monthly with your rent

Insurance Company:

Occidental Fire & Casualty Company of North Carolina

Customer Protection Plan vs. Homeowner’s Insurance

It could benefit you to purchase the Customer Protection Plan instead of Homeowner’s Insurance to protect your stored items because it:

  • Provides broad coverage for items stored within a self-storage unit
  • Has coverage up to $10,000
  • Prevents risk of cancellation to your homeowner’s policy should a claim occur
  • Eliminates the need to add extra coverage or an insurance rider to your homeowner’s policy
  • Tailored policy language specific to self-storage exposures, including rodent/pest coverage & water damage including flood

Contact your insurance agent to find out if your property stored at this location could have coverage under an existing policy.

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