CPP Identity Theft

CPP (Card Protection Plan Ltd) offers identity theft protection insurance for about £84 per year.

This Identity Theft policy or otherwise known as ID fraud cover gives access to credit reports and also covers expenses.  Additionally it gives advice for people trying to get their money back after a result of their identity being stolen.

The FSA have stated that in excess of 4.4 million consumers have been mis-sold this cover, usually this occurred when they activated their new debit and credit cards.  Are you one of these 4.4 million victims?

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After a major investigation by the FSA, they uncovered massive mis-selling of this product directly by CPP and the main high street banks.

The banks and CPP used unnecessary scare tactics when selling this product.

The FSA have found this insurance policy to be totally pointless. This insurance was mis-sold similar to Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) which was the last banking scandal.

The investigation led CPP to be fined £10.5 million and ordered to pay compensation to those affected.

The banks also face an investigation throughout 2013 so the numbers of people affected could be substantially more.


How much can you get back?

ID Fraud Cover cost about £84 per year, though the exact amounts varied.

To make a claim for compensation all you need to do is complete the form on this page.

Our specialist claims lawyers will then calculate exactly how much compensation you may be entitled to.

In most of the previous claims we have dealt with, there is a high majority that have this policy, along with CPP Card Protection Insurance on multiple cards, and have been paying it over several years.

As a result they are entitled to hundreds of pounds in compensation.


How to make a claim..

CPP have been ordered to pay back the money obtained through the mis-selling of ID Theft protection.

Allowing CPPClaims.com to make the claim on your behalf, will ensure you benefit as follows:

  • Hassle Free Service

We work with a leading firm of lawyers to literate each case

  • You Pay Nothing Upfront

We offer a No-Win, No-Fee service*

  • You Will Get Maximum Compensation

We work hard to ensure you get the maximum level of compensation.  This will include any interest you’re entitled to.

Make your CPP Claim by calling us on 0800 689 0389 or completing the form above.

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*There are no upfront costs to pay. Our fee only becomes payable on the successful outcome of a claim. You have the right to cancel your claim within 14 days of signing the claim agreement. A fee will be payable if case is not pursued at the clients request.